// 2023 //
11.05.23 – Sound of the year awards – Most Unpleasant sound, winning submission
‘Calf  Trying to Breathe After Dehorning’

Listen here (TW this sound is hard to listen to) :

10.05.23 – Cassette release with Presque Tout Label, en collaboration avec Grégoire Chauvot
Listen and buy here:

// 2022 //

14.12.22 21h – Concert at Le Consulat Voltaire (Paris), Nicolas Becker & invité.es

23.06.22 19h – Vernissage of (in)tangible otherness, solo exhibition at OnCurating Project Space, curated by Olena Iegorova. Adress : Ausstellungsstrasse 16, 8005 Zürich.
More infos :

21.03.22 Interview par Radio Vostok sur notre pièce ‘Le chien qui pleure’ (2021, en collaboration avec Antoine Chessex), au Sonohr festival (Bern, Suisse) :

22.12.21 ‘Caring for the hum’ soundwalk for the opening of the group exhibition ‘Talk with Urban Landscape’ curated by Léa Jullien, 18h00 at Riedermarkt 23, Zurich.

12.11.21 – As if radio… Acoustic Commons COP 26 radio

AIR – As if radio – is a collaborative radio space created in response to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow from 31 October – 12 November 2021.

My collaborators and I contributed to the program with the sound works ‘Still rivers’, ‘Birds and wires’, ‘Air listening station’, on the last day of the program.

05.10.21 – Prix Découverte Pierre Schaffer w/ Grégoire Chauvot

Very proud to see our piece ‘Birds and wires’ won the Pierre Schaeffer prize at the Phonurgia Nova awards! You can read about the piece in the French magazine Télérama.

This piece was made with Clippy microphones (omnis) directly attached on a fence, the metal sounds you hear are the birds hitting the barbed wires while flying around.

04.10.21SONIC MATTER – Radiophonic Mondays
From ants to mouth noises’ – 55min

Piece on air the 4th of October, every odd hour during the day :

01.10.21 – Phonurgia Nova Awards

‘Birds and Wires’ (Stereo, 5min) a phonography recorded with sound designer Grégoire Chauvot is in competition in the Pierre Schaeffer category of the Phonurgia Nova Awards. The piece will be played at the Center Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris.

The piece can be heard here :

More infos :

07.08.21 / Dinard Podcast festival

FR – Portrait de Grégoire Chauvot et Mélia Roger à lire ici :

16.06.21 – Soundwalk ‘Listening to the hum’ – Meeting 5pm at Löwenbräukunst Areal (Zurich)
(1h walk, free)

We never give attention to the hum. It’s always around, constant, unconscious. We only spot it once it stops. During this soundwalk, we will focus on the unheard sounds, the smallest constant flow around us. From air conditionning ventilation to blowing wind or water flow, we will try to explore our sonic relation to the hum soundscape.

This walk was part of the ‘distributed transactions’ from the Master of Transdisciplinary Studies.