The air listening station

2021 ongoing project in collaboration with Eric Larrieux and the support of the Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz Zürich and Kuratorium Oekologie (ZHdK).

The air listening station is a cabin, where listeners can enter and experience a soundscape live streamed from the rooftop of Toni-Areal, sonically modified by the measures of the particles in the air, in the same location. Through this transformation, the public can experience the variations of those particles and get a sense for “Air Quality” via “Ear Quality”.

The process called ‘sonification’ allows the listener to hear data which is normally silent. In real time, we hear the changes of the respirable particulate matter (PM10), nitrogen oxides (NOX), ozone (O3) and ammonia (NH3), all assigned to specific sounds.

This project will allow us to contribute to a broader study on air quality measurement and world live sound mapping.

More informations will follow!

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