The Palace of Justice – Дворец Правосудия

Security cone, fluo light, hidden illustration, flowers, sound (Stereo, 6 min)

Illustration : Marina Gafurova / Sound : Mélia Roger
QWAS exhibition ZHdK – December 2018

I live in front of the future Polizei and Justizzentrum of Zurich. I moved this summer and since this time, the sounds of the cranes rhythm my days. Since the beginning of winter, the bright light inside this empty building draw a large shadow in my room. The shadow of fear, the shadow of instability, the shadow of security and safety. Have you ever felt unsafe ?

That’s the question I asked to Marina, who lives with her two sons in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Have you ever felt insecure ?

Marina sends me pictures of the grill which protect everyone windows. But in the streets, the pavement is full of holes, cause people are stealing the metal rolls that cover the canalisations.
Last summer, a famous ice skater, Denis Ten, was murdered because he tried to stop two guys stealing his car’s mirrors. This drama affected all the country.

The sounds you are hearing were taken in Zurich, at the closet place of the construction site of this future Palace of Justice you can come. They resonate in an ice-skate room. You can hear Marina’s boys laughing. They are safe at home.

In the security cone, you can whisper your own misdeeds. But if you look inside, you will see one of Marina’s sketches of one street in Almaty.

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